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   Posted 10/11/2011 11:09 AM (GMT -7)    Quote This PostAlert An Admin About This Post.
This weekend I went on a two day trip.  Took a ride up the coast and then headed westward before heading south to home.  The first day was pretty terrible for most of the day.  The roads were packed on the beach communities along the sea and I was caught in four horrendous traffic jams.  The views over the ocean were great though so that kept my spirits up.  Also had one funny incident waiting for a draw bridge, a Harley rider came rumbling up behind me and chatted a bit while we waited.  A few moments later another Harley rider comes up alongside of him and directly behind me and right at that moment he would not talk to me or even acknowledge I existed.  What a sad man, so wrapped up in his image he can't even enjoy another riders company.  He was the exception though as I got the chance to talk to so many different riders on all sorts of bikes.  I saw a lot of CanAm Spyders out on the road and NT700's, for the most part it was Harleys and a nice percentage of 80's UJM's.

The route, started from home and headed north along the ocean up to Portland Maine.  Spent the night near Lake Sebago and then traveled through the White Mountain National Park and then down south through Laconia and back home again.

First stop was Salisbury Beach.  It was already 75 degrees just before lunch and folks were walking around in swimwear enjoying early October weather.

By far some of the best pizza I've ever had at Tripoli Pizza at Salisbury Beach.

There were sand sculptures in the median at Salisbury Beach.  They must've been here for some time as quite a few were disintegrating.

In between some of the traffic jams I pulled over to view the Atlantic and smell that refreshing ocean air.

I love the rocky coastlines so common here in New England.  I was climbing out on the rocks for quite some time.

The fort in some fashion has been around since 1689.  It wasn't much more than a few bunkhouses and has been added to over the years and was officially named Fort McClary in 1808.  Shortly before the 1864 election, the Coast Guard unit in which Maine's Hannibal Hamlin served was called to active duty at Fort McClary.  Hamlin reported for duty and served at the fort even though he was at that time Vice President of the United States.

The view over the water from the fort.

Stopped at Fisherman's Market for dinner.

Even though I told Serena I wanted to start eating more healthy I ordered a tasty lobster roll with onion rings.  With that meal I packed it in to my hotel room to rest and watch the Packer game.

Day two starts and I'm excited and a bit nervous.  The weather is great again with 80 degree temps.  I'm nervous because I'm heading out to the Kancanmangus Highway.  It passes through the White Mountain National Park and I've been told has some technical turns and grades.  Turns out to be a beautiful ride and while there are some tricky sections there is only one severe hairpin turn.

The Sebago River paddle boat.

This old Ford was parked in the lot across from the paddle boat.  Anyone know the model of the car??

Blue sky and a Honda Nighthawk!

The trees were quite beautiful and the colors were almost at peak.

I was riding along a twisty wooded highway and the forest cleared out to this lake with ski hills behind it.

Finally after winding through some congested mountain towns with traffic backed up with motorhomes I finally arrived at White Mountain National Park along the Kancamagus Highway.

I took my first pull out opportunity and hiked through the woods.

As I hiked a short fifty yards through the woods I came upon this river.  I believe it is named Sawyer River.

Enough hiking for now, time to head back down the road.

I reached the next pull out along the highway.  This one was very busy and what I liked about it, besides the fabulous views, was the motorcycle only parking.

Some kind tourists took my photo out on the river rocks.

As I like to do I climbed out further on the rocks to get a close shot of the water swirling around.  I was slowly sliding down the slippery rocks towards the water while I was framing this particular shot and caught myself before I went in.  The rocks were dry but very slick.

Another shot of my bike before I mount up.

Time to head out down the road and higher up the mountain.

The roads and weather are just wonderful.  While busy there certainly were moments when you weren't surrounded.  The colors along this stretch of road were amazing.

I made it to the peak, for this road anyway, which is about 2,850 feet.  The view was very peaceful.

If you were motivated you could set up shop here and take photos of all the motorcycles going by.  Loved the old Honda Shadow above, there was a good representation of 80's bikes, particularly Hondas.

Stopped at a place called Three Cultures Deli.  The service was glacially slow, it took them thirty minutes to make my sandwich and there were only four orders in front of mine, and it was a cold sandwich.  None the less I would go there again, if you don't mind being patient as it is one of the best sandwiches I've ever eaten.  Mine was called a Real Italian, made with prosciutto, mozzarella and fresh red peppers and a dash of oil.

Leaving the mountain areas and heading back home.  The last expansive vista I saw that day.

Crossing the bridge.

I took HWY 107 on my way through Laconia.  Lots of places to take wonderful photos but I had stopped so much earlier I just rode through and only stopped a few times.  In some ways 107 was a trickier ride as the road was quite twisty with broken-up pavement and many blind corners.

With the sun getting lower in the sky and two hours to get home I took this last shot along a small lake.

This was a great ride and just about the best trip I've taken since being here in New England.  Thing is everything on the second day was just about perfect, friendly people, perfect weather, no serious traffic hassles and great autumn colors.  When I go back I don't know if it will ever be as good but it's worth the journey.
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