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Posted By : Rich_S - 1/25/2012 6:00 PM
Hey everyone,
We finally got an upgraded forum, check it out, sign-up and join the discussion!
While you can still read our old forum you can't post anything new or register. So come over to the new forum and say Hello. smile
Here is a quick guide to setting your name to use on the MCUSA forum (NO EXSISTING ACCOUNT INFO WAS TRANSFERED, YOU MUST MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT!):
3. Click the "edit about me" on the left side and you should see this:

4. The display name is what is shown on the MCUSA forum. Change it and click update. Some times you have to click it twice. If the name is already taken or you have a symbol that isn't allowed it will let you know in red text near the box. Spaces are allowed but most symbols are not.

5. Once you are done come to the forum:

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